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Law 201 January 18, 2007 Chapter 5, problems 1-5 1. Personal and business ethics definitely overlap in terms of how an individual contemplates decisions. Whether one applies the Golden Rule or thinks about the Ten Commandments, the decision has an ethical basis in a personal aspect of morality. Personal ethics shouldn’t hold the majority-based position in a business decision, but should be included in the brainstorming process. There is no difference between personal and business ethics. 2. It isn’t unethical for the company to profit from the goodwill it generates. From my perspective, it is better for a company to profit from doing something good than from doing something bad. Although the image it generates for itself is based on false pretenses, at least no harm comes from it. 3. Susan does have an ethical obligation to disclose the information about Jerry to the city planning commission. Just like Merck and the Vioxx recall, once something falls through and it is found that there was evidence of prior knowledge without any disclosure, Susan
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