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Property Outline - Blais

Property Outline - Blais - I The Basis of Property Rights A...

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I. The Basis of Property Rights A. Creating Property Rights 1. By “Discovery” Johnson v. M’Intosh DK 3-17 2. By Capture Wild Animals Pierson, Ghen, Keeble DK 17-32 Natural Resources and Theories Supp. 1 and 2 of the Commons DK 32-50 Hammond, Sipriano 3. By Creation Moore DK 69-86 B. Gaining Property Rights by Subsequent Possession 1. Finders Armory DK 107-111 Hannah, McAvoy DK 111-25 2. Adverse Possession Van Valkenburgh DK 112-30 Mannillo, Howard and Disabilities DK 130-44 O’Keefe DK 144-56 II. The Scope of Property Rights A. Possession and the Right to Exclude Jacques, Pile, and Holden Supp. 3 - 5 B. Limitations on the Right to Exclude 1. Common Law Ploof v. Putnam , State v. Shack, Supp. 6; DK 88-93, Mathews v. Bayhead 701-09 2. Statutes
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Maguire v. Yanke, Supp. 7 and 8 Uston v. Resorts Int’l 3. The Constitution Marsh, Logan Valley, Hudgens, and Right to Life Advocates Supp. 9-11 C. Nuisance Law and the Right to Use & Enjoy Land 1. Basic Concepts Morgan, Estancias Dallas DK 639-49 2. Remedies Boomer, Del Webb DK 649-65 III. Easements and Covenants – Private Land Use Constraints A. Reallocating Rights of Exclusion and Access: Easements 1. Express & by Estoppel Willard , Holbrook DK 667-81 2. Implied & by Prescription Van Sandt , Othen DK 682-701 3. Scope of Easements Brown DK 716-25 B.
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