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Comm250 Ch 5 Take-Home Quiz Name _________________________________ Researchers spend a lot of time and effort developing reliable and valid measurement instruments. Many of such instruments are presented in scholarly journal articles. Read the following article and answer the questions below. Long, K. M., Forney, S. D., & Johnson, D. I. (2000). An observer measure of compulsive communication. Communication Research Reports, 17 (4), 349-356. 1. What does the instrument measure? In other words, what concept does the instrument tap?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Did the authors assess the reliability of the instrument? What kind of reliability information is provided? Test-retest? Internal consistency? What is the reliability coefficient? Is the reliability level satisfactory, judging by the conventional criterion mentioned in the textbook? 3. What kind of validity evidence does the article provide? Content validity? Construct validity? Concurrent validity? Predictive validity? Based on the evidence, what conclusion can you draw about the validity of the measure?...
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