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Pretest Chapter 4 - C halo effect D Pygmalion effect 5 A...

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Pretest Chapter 4
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1. The first stage of interpersonal perception is A. memory. B. stimulation. C. listening or reading. D. attention. 2. To increase perception accuracy, you should A. acknowledge information that negates your initial reaction. B. trust your first instinct. C. make a judgment and then seek evidence to confirm it. D. give less weight to the conclusions of others. 3. A great deal of emphasis is placed on good first impressions because some people maintain opinions about other people based on the ________ effect. A. primacy B. immediacy C. recency D. initial 4. The tendency to attribute additional positive qualities to someone who has other good characteristics is called a
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Unformatted text preview: C. halo effect. D. Pygmalion effect. 5. A student from a weak-uncertainty-avoidance culture A. thrives under deadline pressure. B. tolerates ambiguity. C. prefers tests with true/false questions to tests with essay responses. D. seeks clear-cut directions. 6. The fundamental attribution error is the tendency to A. deny responsibility for negative outcomes. B. single out one or two characteristics of a person and attribute everything the person does to these traits. C. consider yourself less susceptible to the influence of media than your peers. D. overvalue the influence of personality and undervalue the effect of situational factors. 7....
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Pretest Chapter 4 - C halo effect D Pygmalion effect 5 A...

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