Post test Chapter 12

Post test Chapter 12 - the good of the relationship? A....

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1. Which of the following groups of people are not considered a family? A. A single mother with two children B. Two elderly, heterosexual females sharing the same household C. A cohabitating, non-married heterosexual couple D. A lesbian couple and children from a previous marriage 2. Which of the following personality characteristics are intrinsic to pragma love? A. Inconsiderate, secretive, dishonest, and selfish B. Sexual, exciting, loving, and optimistic C. Honest, loyal, mature, and understanding D. Family-oriented, planning, careful, and hard-working 3. Which couple shares a basic belief system and sacrifices individual independence for
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Unformatted text preview: the good of the relationship? A. Equity couple B. Separate couple C. Traditional couple D. Independent couple 4. The ideal friendship is the friendship of A. receptivity. B. association. C. symmetry. D. reciprocity. 5. According to a study mentioned in the book, ________ percentage of online users feel more comfortable meeting someone online than in person. A. fifty B. thirty C. twenty D. seventy-five 6. What is a disadvantage of forming a romantic relationship with someone in the same company? A. It's a safer environment than a nightclub. B. You see each other every day....
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Post test Chapter 12 - the good of the relationship? A....

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