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Andrew Drummond Visual Audio Timecode I read an article about timecode and learned that it is a data stream that is laid onto videotape in either an analog or as digital information on lines 16 and 18 of the vertical interval. I also learned that it is used to help you when editing on a computer program. It allows you to edit right down to an exact frame. So if you feel you just want to cut off a few frames you can and you wont cut out to much. Also it helps when you have to synch sound to your video. If you recorded on separate devices the timecode can help you synch
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Unformatted text preview: them up and make it a lot easier for you. I had not heard about the drop frame before but we covered that in class. The article also talks about how it makes sense. It still seems confusing to why it was done but they made color TV work so I cant be mad at them. The one thing I did realize about timecode was that the last numbers are frames. I always just assumed that they were milliseconds and that it only went up to 30 cause they were so fast that the human eye couldn’t catch the rest. But now that I know its frames it makes a lot more sense....
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