Injury Nomenclature

tenderness and slight swelling 2nd degree partial

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Unformatted text preview: 1st Degree Stretching w/ little fiber tearing Little to no joint laxity Little Firm end point Firm Localized P!, tenderness and slight swelling – 2nd Degree Partial tearing of fibers Laxity with stress Soft but definite end-point Moderate p! and swelling LOF Sprains Sprains Grading – 3rd Degree Complete rupture Gross joint laxity, possible instability Empty or absent end point with stress Marked swelling/P! limited to local nerves Complete LOF Subluxation Subluxation Partial or complete disassociation of Partial articular surfaces which self-reduce articular Stretching & tearing of soft tissue – Joint capsule – Ligaments – Tendons Apprehension Sign Dislocation Dislocation Disassociation of articular surfaces Gross (obvious) deformity Reduction should not be attempted – only by physician Distal Pulse/Neurological Assessment Synovitis Synovitis Inflammation of the joint capsule – 2ndary to presence of existing inflammation – Spreads to synovial membrane Bogginess Holds joint in position of least stress – b/t ROM max Similar S/S to Bursitis, but swelling is more Similar diffuse diffuse Articular Surface Injuries Articular Hyaline Cartilage Osteochondral Defects (OCD’s) – Progressive softening of cartilage caused by Progressive microfractures microfractures – Severity is based on depth As...
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