Injury Nomenclature

More localized crepitus more pronounced

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Unformatted text preview: ment – Common in hands and feet – P! more localized, crepitus more pronounced Peritendinitis—layering of thick tissue Calcific Tendonitis – – – Can develop w/ long term tendonitis Calcium build up causes pain with contraction Can lead to < ROM and strength Tearing – Partial or complete Pain Pain Actively in concentric ROM – Agonist action Passively in eccentric ROM – Antagonist action Grading Tendonitis Grading 1st Degree – P! and slight dysfunction w/ activity 2nd Degree – LOF and P! following activity 3rd Degree – Constant P! prohibiting activity Myositis Ossificans Myositis Formation of bone w/in a muscle belly’s Formation fascia fascia Causes – Genetic (progressiva) – Neurological Disease Neurological – Bloodborne Disease (circumscripta) – Trauma (traumatica) Osteoblasts and Chondroblasts form from Osteoblasts fibroblasts fibroblasts Common Areas Common Biceps Quadriceps Adductors Calcification may appear ~3 weeks post Calcification injury on x-ray injury ROM will be affected Bursitis Bursitis Normally bursae are not palpated unless Normally they are inflammed they Causes – Disease (staph) Analysis of fluid required to dx – > stress – > friction – Traumatic force Bursitis Bursitis Joint ROM may be affected Palpable—swelling localized w/in sac Injuries to Joint Structures Injuries Ligaments – Sprains – Subluxations/Dislocations Synovitis Articular Surfaces – Osteochondral Defects – Osteochondritis Dissecans – Arthritis Sprains Sprains Grading –...
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