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Gait and Pathomechanics


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Unformatted text preview: ked Position—The point in a joint’s range of motion at which its bones are maximally congruent; the most stable position of a joint. Open Kinetic Chain—Motion that occurs when the distal portion of the extremity is non­weight bearing Open­Packed Position—The joint position at which its bones are maximally incongruent Normal Gait Normal Cadence 107/minute Women have higher cadence Stride length 75cm Symmetrical, uninterrupted gait Gait Gait Stance – Closed Chain Swing – Open Chain Stance Phase Stance weight bearing phase of gait – – – – – Initial Contact Loading Midstance Terminal Stance Preswing Initial Contact Initial Stance Phase—weight bearing – Initial contact—begins the instant the foot touches the supporting surface Contact should be lateral Subtalar pr supination and dorsiflexion Loading Response Loading – Limb reacts to absorbing impact of the body Subtalar pronation, unlocks metatarsals Ground reaction forces Mid-Stance Mid-Stance – Body weight moves directly over the stationary support limb Foot evenly distributed Moves from pronation to supination Terminal Stance Terminal – Movement continues forward Just prior to o...
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