Gait and Pathomechanics

Running walking forces

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Unformatted text preview: pposite limb making contact Weight is moving from hindfoot toward forefoot Pre-Swing Pre-Swing – Final phase of stance Period of double support – Consideration in Running Swing Phase Swing Non-weight bearing phase of gait – Initial Swing – Midswing – Terminal Walking vs. Running Walking Forces Base of Support—wider in Walking, foot forward to COG in walking, directly in line while running Forces placed on body—ground reaction force increased 275% of athlete’s body weight, running increases joint reaction forces to between 6 and 8 times of actual body weight, walking increases only 3 times Weight Bearing—running there is a period where both limbs are non weight bearing Stance Phase—decreased time during running, in walking stance is 62% and in running it is 33% Walki...
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