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Foot and Ankle Anatomy

Innervation plantarflexion and eversion peroneus

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Unformatted text preview: or Deep Compartment Posterior Tibial Nerve Innervation Inversion, Plantarflexion, Toe Flexion Flexor Hallicus Longus Flexor Digitorum Longus Tibialis Posterior Popliteus—knee flexion Posterior Superficial Compartment Posterior Triceps Surae Tibial Nerve Innervation Plantarflexion Gastrocnemius Gastrocnemius Soleus Plantaris Intrinsic Muscles of the Foot Intrinsic Start, end and move the toes 4 layers on plantar surface Innervated by some aspect of plantar nerve 1 layer on dorsal surface Innervated by deep peroneal nerve Extrinsic Muscles of the Foot Extrinsic Muscles that arise outside the area on Muscles which they act which Musculature of the Lower Leg Lower Origins, Insertions, Actions & Origins, Innervation Innervation Gastrocnemius Gastrocnemius (posterior superficial) O—medial and lateral posterior femoral O—medial condyles condyles I—calcaneus, via Achilles Tendon A—plantarflexion, knee flexion Inn—tibial nerve Soleus Soleus (posterior superficial) O—posterior proximal tibia and fibula I—calcaneus, via Achilles Tendon A—plantarflexion Inn—Tibial Nerve Popliteus Popliteus O—Posterior Femoral Condyle I—Calcanus via Achilles Tendon Inn—Tibial Nerve Action—Plantarflexion & Knee Flexion Peroneus Longus Peroneus (lateral) O—upper, lateral fibula (near head) I—medial cuniform, 1st MT, plantar surface A—plantarflexion, eversion Inn—superficial peroneal nerve Peroneus Brevis Peroneus (lateral) O—Lower 2/3 of lateral fibula I...
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  • Fall '11
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  • Tibialis Anterior, peroneal nerve, Deep peroneal nerve, Tibialis Posterior, Inn—superficial peroneal nerve

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