Foot and Ankle Anatomy

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Unformatted text preview: se pulley Talus Periosteum Ankle Mortise Ankle Ankle articulation (3 Ankle bones) bones) AKA—Talocrural J. Closed v. Open Closed Packed Position Packed Synovial Hinge DF/PF Ligaments Medial Lateral Ligaments of the Ankle Mortise Ligaments Medial (4 Ligaments) Deltoid ATT, TN-tight in PF TC, PTT-tight in DF Lateral ATF CF PTF Distal Tib/Fib Syndesmosis Distal Integrity based on Tibia and Fibula Syndesmosis Strong ligaments, minimal movement “spread” Ant. & Post. TibFib L. and crural Ant. interosseous L. interosseous Ligaments of the Ankle Ligaments Medial Deltoid Anterior Tibiofibular Tibionavicular Tibiocalcaneal Posterior Tibiofibular Eversion Stress Lateral Anterior Talofibular Calcaneofibular Posterior Talofibular Medial Ankle Medial Lateral Ankle Lateral Ligaments of the Ankle & Foot Ligaments Anterior Tibiofibular Posterior Tibiofibular Plantar Calcaneonavicular Spring Long Plantar Calcaneus to 1st digit Bifurcate Calcaneus to cuboid and navicular Musculature of the Lower Leg Musculature 4 Compartments Anterior (4) Lateral (2) Posterior Deep (4) Posterior Superficial (3) Anterior Compartment Anterior Deep Peroneal Nerve Innervation Dorsiflexors and Toe Extensors Tibialis Anterior Peroneus Tertius Extensor Digitorum Longus Extensor Hallicus Longus Anterior View Anterior Lateral Compartment Lateral Superficial Peroneal Nerve Innervation Plantarflexion and Eversion Peroneus Brevis Peroneus Longus Lateral Structures Structures Posteri...
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