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Foot and Ankle Anatomy

Nefcaca foot probft anatomy6gif articulations and

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Unformatted text preview: iculations and Ligamentous Support Support Subtalar Joint Talocalcaneonavicular Joint Calcaneocuboid Joint Midtarsal Joint Tarsometatarsal (LisFrancs J.) Metatarsophalangeal Joint Interphalangeal Joint Tarsal Ligaments Tarsal Dorsal Tarsal Plantar Tarsal Intreosseous Tarsal Subtalar Joint Subtalar (Talocalcaneal) Inferior talus, superior calcaneus 3 pts of articulation Supination and pronation Supination No muscular attachment to talus No 2 internal ligaments Interosseous talocalcaneal Ligamentum cervicis Medial and lateral talocalcaneal ligaments Talocalcaneonavicular (TCN) Talocalcaneonavicular Joint Joint Junciton of rearfoot and midfoot and Plantarcalcaneonavic ular L. SPRING L –http://catalog.nucleusinc.com/generateexhibit.p hp? ID=12869&ExhibitKeywordsRaw=&TL=32737&A =2 Transverse Tarsal Joint Transverse Talonavicular Calcaneocuboid Though separate Though joints they extend along in the same plane Calcaneocuboid (CC) Joint Plantar and dorsal calcaneocuboid L calcaneocuboid Long plantar L. Plantar Fascia Midtarsal Joints Midtarsa...
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  • Fall '11
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  • Tibialis Anterior, peroneal nerve, Deep peroneal nerve, Tibialis Posterior, Inn—superficial peroneal nerve

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