Foot and Ankle Anatomy

Nerve peroneus brevis peroneus lateral olower 23 of

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Unformatted text preview: —styloid process of 5th MT A—eversion & plantarflexion Inn—superficial peroneal nerve Peroneus Tertius Peroneus (anterior) O—distal 1/3 of anterior fibula I—base of 5th MT A—dorsiflexion & eversion Inn—deep peroneal nerve Tibialis Anterior Tibialis (anterior) O—upper 2/3 of lateral tibia I—medial cuniform, base of 1st MT A—dorsiflexion, inversion Inn—deep peroneal n. Extensor Digitorum Longus Extensor (anterior) O—lateral tibia proximally, fibular head O—lateral and upper 2/3 and I—middle and distal phalanges A—toe extension Dorsiflexion eversion (weak) Inn—deep peroneal n. Extensor Hallicus Longus Extensor (anterior) O—middle 2/3 fibula, anteriorly I—distal phalanx of great toe A—great toe extension Dorsiflexion Inversion (weak) Inn—deep peroneal n. Flexor Digitorum Longus Flexor (posterior deep) O—middle 1/3 tibia, posteriorly I—distal phalanx of lesser 4 toes A—toe flexion Plantarflexion Weak inversion Inn—tibial n. Flexor Hallicus Longus Flexor (posterior deep) O—middle 2/3 of posterior fibula I—distal phalanx of great toe, plantar I—distal surface surface A—great toe flexion Weak inversion Weak plantarflexion Inn—tibial n. Tibialis Posterior Tibialis (posterior deep) O—posterio upper ½ of interosseous O—posterio membrane and adjacent tibia and fibula membrane I—medially Cuniform, navicular Bases of 2nd-5th MT A—plantarflexion, inversion Inn—tibial n....
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