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Lesionsorirritations typesofmyofacialrelease

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Unformatted text preview: disease Blood clots Lesions or irritations Types of Myofacial Release Types of Myofacial Release J­stroke Oscillation Wringing Stripping Arm/Leg Pull Trigger Points Trigger Points An area of tenderness Treatments in a muscle or fascia that can cause referred pain Palpated as a band or nodule Hyperirritability in a tissue Ice stretch Ischemic compression Stripping PNF Precautions to Trigger Points Precautions to Trigger Points Not as effective on scar tissue as myofascial restrictions Patient needs to be relaxed Prolonged pressure to blood vessels should be avoided Discontinue of neurological S/S develop Joint Mobilization Joint Mobilization Passive movement of a joint Relieve pain Restore mobility Must understand Joint ROM Joint mechanics Concave/convex surfaces Capsular Patterns Proper technique Effects of Joint Mobilization Effects of Joint Mobilization Neurophysiological Ef...
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