Ankle Foot and Lower Leg Specific Conditions

Sprain syndesmosis mechanism planting and cutting er

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Unformatted text preview: Syndesmosis, Tib/Fib Ligaments, IO membrane Inspection Swelling on inferior syndesmosis P! @ syndesmosis Special Tests Kleiger’s Test Squeeze Complications Fractures, Fractures, Treatment for Syndesmotic Sprains Treatment RICE Immobilize Non-weight bearing Open Chain Strength Endurance Maintain Cardio Lower Leg Stress Fractures Lower Chronic and insidious, 2ndary to repetitive trauma Predisposing Factors Narrow tibial shaft, hip ext. rotation, pes cavus, pes planus Change in surface, footwear S/S P!/aching @ rest Possible mild swelling Tibia, Talus, 5th MT, Calcaneus Fibula (less common) Early Stages resemble periostitis Special Testing Bump, Squeeze, Compression Os Trigonum Injury Os Os trigonum is formed when Steida’’s s Process separates from the talus Process 1st appears in late childhood (8-15 years) Secondary ossifications fails to fuse Can also be traumatic Non-union or stress fracture Os Trigonum Syndrome Os Talarcompression Syndrome Acute or insidious Onset Increased P! with activity P! on palpation of posterior P! talus talus When impingement occurs, When symptoms are d...
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