Ankle Foot and Lower Leg Specific Conditions

Along length of tendon inspection edema along tendon

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Unformatted text preview: pation P! with palpation Possible crepitus Special Tests Thompson Test A/P/R ROM Diminished Diminished plantarflexion plantarflexion Achilles Tendon Rupture Achilles Predisposing Factors Tibial varum Calcaneal valgum Hyperpronation Tight triceps surae Age Tendonitis Corticosteriod Corticosteriod injections (1 week post) post) Treatment for Achilles Tendon Rupture Tendon Immobilization for transport Splint in plantarflexion Long Term Flexibility ROM Strength Endurance Power Sever’s Disease Sever (Calcaneal Apophysitis) Common in adolescent athletes (8-13) Inflammation at growth plate of calcaneus Occurs at site of attachment of Achilles Tendon Shearing force Apophyseal plate Predisposing factors Tight heel cords, poor flexibility Growth spurts Biomechanical abnormalities Sever’s Disease Sever Signs and Symptoms Heel pain Uni/bilateral Constant or intermittent Notable limp PT just anterior to PT Achilles Tendon Achilles “+” squeeze test P! with tip-toe standing Sever’s Sign Sever’s Disease Sever Treatment Rest, ice, NSAIDs Activity modification Heel Lifts, Heel Cups Taping, Strapping Keeping the foot in...
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