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Ankle Foot and Lower Leg Specific Conditions

And tenderness p posterior to malleolus posterior

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Unformatted text preview: endons Subluxing Signs and Symptoms Popping or snapping Popping at lateral malleolus at Observable deformity Surgical repair of Surgical retinaculum usually necessary necessary Interdigital Neuroma Interdigital aka Morton’s Neuroma/Plantar Neuroma Inflammation/irritation of Inflammation/irritation interdigial nerves interdigial Primarily in 2nd and 3rd spaces P! radiates into toes Tests Deep palpation, ID neuroma test Treatment Widen toe box, low heel shoes Arch padding Symptomatic Treatment Surgical intervention as last resort Congential Abnormalities Congential Hammer Toes Hyperextenion of MP Hyperextenion and DIP and Hyperflexion of PIP Associated Associated contractures of toe extensors extensors Doesn’’t always affect t all toes all Claw Toes Hyperextension of MP Hyperextension joing joing Hyperflexion of DIP Hyperflexion and PIP and Associated with pes Associated cavus cavus Tend to involve 4 Tend lateral toes lateral Callus formation under Callus MT Heads MT Deep Vein Thrombophlebitis (DVT) (DVT) Signs and Symptoms Inflammation in veins with associated blood Inflammation clots clots Postsurgical complication P! and tightness in calf Special Tests Homan’s Sign Corns Corns (thickening of stratum corneum) Hard Corns Sites of excessive Sites pressure pressure Hard/granular nodules Can alter Can biomechanics biomechanics Soft Corns Form between toes Damp...
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