Ankle Foot and Lower Leg Specific Conditions

With activity p on palpation of posterior p talus

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Unformatted text preview: isplayed symptoms P! w/ plantarflexion (A, R, P) May involve Posterior joint inflammation Ligamentous inflammation Fracture of Os Trigonum Pathology of Steida’s process Treatment Treatment Initial Immobilization Maintain Cardio Long Term Similar to other foot/ankle injuries Compartment Syndrome Compartment Results from increased pressure in a Results compartment Most common anteriorly Most Two Types Acute—secondary to direct blow Chronic—symptomatic during and after Chronic—symptomatic exercise exercise Aka--intermittent claudication Pain arising as the result of inadequate venous drainage Pain or poor arterior innervation or Compartment Syndrome Compartment History P! & numbness Dorsum and web space Tightness, cramping, Tightness, swelling, weakness swelling, Palpation Tests Inspection Shiny, swollen anterior Shiny, leg leg Discoloration may be Discoloration present present Hard ant. Compartment Dorsal Pedial Pulse ROM Active, passive and resisted Active, for dorsiflexion, toe ext. for Neurological Numbness/t...
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