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astronomy - Astronomical objects can be located on the star...

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Astronomy lesson plan Stars Grade : 5 th Type of lesson : Lecture, then field trip to planetarium.(If acceptable) Purpose : To study the motion and location of the main astronomical objects viewable from the earth, and to identify star formations. Materials : Star chart/map, and a field trip to a planetarium. Background : The constellations on the hand outs of the star maps are to be identified using a mater star map (hanging the in room). Along with written identification of these constellations, students will also view these constellations in the planetarium.
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Unformatted text preview: Astronomical objects can be located on the star chart and in the sky by the use of two coordinates. These coordinates are right ascension which is measure in hours and declination which is measure in degrees. These coordinates are synonymous with longitude and latitude respectively. Procedure : Complete the 3 star map worksheets in groups of 2. After the trip to the planetarium is finished and we are back in class, write a paper about the different constellations, and your favorite....
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