Ottoman Empire

Chaldiran 9201514 what was the significance of the

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Unformatted text preview: ecting taxes, these are free muslims, unlike in the kapikulu army • First Kapikulu Army was formed under Orhan I, major form under Muran II • The sultan gets 1/5th Kapikulus not just infantry forces, they are infantry forces of huge Janissary army • Devshrime – “converting” – child labor from Christian families and towns, boys, handsome, athletic, not orphaned, not only son of family, there were standards. Take the kids with force. • Kapikulu “slaves standing in the sultans door” – stayed in Istanbul • Boys get high palace education • Askeri (men of sword, men of pen, religious scholars) • Timar is cavalry • Timar holder responsible for providing soldiers to the sultan, timariot army Formation of the Safawid Empire • 907/1501 – formation of the Safawid Empire • Shah Isma`il o Capture of Tabriz marked the beginning of the Safawid Empire • • • Ozbegs • 914/1508 – Safawid capture of Baghdad Tribes of the steppes West and North of the Caspian o Shaybanids, Kazakhs • 831/1428 – Abu’l- Khayr unified a number of Ozbeg tribes • Muhammad Shaybani o 905/1500 – Left steppes to conquer Transoxiana Isma`il Versus Ozbegs and Ottomans • 916/1510 – Muhammad Shayani killed o expanding Ozbeg Empire was becoming too much of a threat to the Safawids o Conflict in Khurasan until 918/1512 • The Ottomas posed a greater threat o 917/1511 – Savawid support of Qizilbash revolts in Ottoman Anatolia o Selim was the Ottoman ruler at the time • How did these rivalries impact the beginn...
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