Ottoman Empire

Constantinople gret from 30000 people before the

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Unformatted text preview: d Murad’s successor (Beyazit I) and took him prisoner after the battle ,which led to a decade long interregnum, bringing the Ottomans to the brink of collapse. • Timur’s death in 1405 and subsequent disintegration of his empire enabled Mehmed I and his son Murad II to re- unite the Ottoman territories in 30 years. Mehmed II (Mehmed the Conqueror) and The Fall of Constantinople (1453) • Mindful of the strategic value of Constantinople, Mehmed II transformed the city and repopulated it. Constantinople gret from 30,000 people before the conquest to 100,000 by the 1478 census. By 1600,there were 700,000 people living in Istanbul, making it the most populous city in Europe at the time. Fatih Mosque • The original complex included a set of well- planned buildings constructed around the mosque. They include eight medrese, library, hospital, hospice, caravanserai, market, hamam, primary school and public kitchen (imaret) which served food to the poor. Early Ottoman Institutions • Thousands of nomads entering Anatolia in flight from the Mongols brought with them particularly Turkish forms of military organization. At the same time, • • • Sunni ways of Islamic governance, adopted by the Seljuk state, were perpetuated and extended by the Ottomans. Finally, there was the Byzantine tradition – the Ottomans inevitable inherited Byzantine way of doing things but usually the veneer of Islamic civilization was thrown over these institutions y giving them Muslim names As the empire expanded, administering the newly conquered ands became increasingly complicated. Consequently, the Sultans had to delegat...
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