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Ottoman Empire

Duration of saljuq rule in persia abbas is

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Unformatted text preview: ing of the Safawid Empire? Chaldiran (920/1514) • What was the significance of the battle of Chaldiran? o Ottoman empire significantly larger than Safawid army. – complete Ottoman victory o Victory of modern military technology over ancient ways o The ottoman army was larger, armed with hand guns and field artillery o The Safawids army was made up of traditional Turko- Mongol cavalry archers o Ottoman Safavid border solidified Foundations of Safawid Power • What were some of the foundations of Safawid Power? o Loyalty of the Qizilbash tribesmen o Local bureaucracy after the initial period of conquest: “the empire has been conquered on horseback, but it cannot be governed on horseback” o Governance as a theocracy Twelver Shi’ism • Most distinctive foundation of the Safawid state • Majority of Persian population n 907/1501 were Sunni • Motivations behind Isma’il’s imposition of Twelver Shi`ism are not entirely clear Class of Persian clerical notables – ulama who converted from sunnism to shi’ism Death of Shah Isma`il • What were some aspects of his legacy? • What role did he play in Safawid history? • Extended power of safavid empire Tahmasp I (940 – 984 / 1533 – 1576) • Came to power at the age of 10 – reign began as a period of crisis • • Ottoman peace with the Holy Roman Emperor allowed theor attention to turn back to the Persians o Qizilbash rebel aid • Territory lost to Ottomans and Ozbegs • Avoided direct fighting • Moved...
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