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11 key words automata kitab fi marifat al hiyal al

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Unformatted text preview: like Farabi and Avincenna, arguing for the uniqueness of religion over philosophy Published his treaties in Tahufut (the incoherence of philosophers) Magnum Opus: Ihya alum ad- din (“The Revival of the Religious Sciences”) reinstated Sufism’s prestige, which had been in decline. Ibn- Rushd (averroes), 1126 – 1198 Born in Cordoba, Spain and died in Marrakesh, Moricco CAmed fr Discussion Section (10.11) Key Words: • Automata • Kitab fi Ma’rifat al- Hiyal al- Handasiyah • Al Masa’il fi at- Tibbor Vade Mecum • Al – Kitab al –Mansuri Al- Jazari • Contributed to arab engineering • Water- raising machine Az- Zahrawi • • Ibn Sina • • Al- Ibadi • Galen • • • At- tasrif – combination of medical data Accurate diagnosis Philosopher, physician, mathematician, astronomer = renaissance man Generally known for his medical studies Medical advancements Preceded al- Ibadi, prominent man of medicine in Roman world Wrote on his experiences, profound impact on Islamic scholars Also, Idea of four humors, Four political forces, any imbalance would create revolution. Ar- Razi “the arab Galen” • Assumed directorship of a hospital, advisor to Persian rulers • Never failed to question Greek masters Al- Haytham • Field...
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