Political Economy of Demand

Nucear plants near big rivers and rivers usually on

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Unformatted text preview: US and Canada. Take all the intangibles and figure out what the US should care about more. It’s all about how are you going to measure the externalities. Decision on XL? – energy industry deeply divided over whether it’s a good idea. o Reward positive externalities? o Pricing as a means to affect demand Road congestion Pollution o Your take? • According to the financial times, flaring in the US ad reversed global gains since 2005. • Global Natural Gas Flaring o In 2007, the US was not among the top 10 flarers of gas in the world. In 2011, the US rose to 5th place due to N. Dakota. o Oil production in N. dakota increased 40- fold between 2007 and mid- 2013. o An independent assessment asserts that N Dakota flared 29% of the natural gas produced during May 2013 o N. Dakota has set a target of limiting flaring to 10%, but without a deadline. The EPA has extended flaring permission through 2015. • Cyrus – water...
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