Climate Change and Transboundary Environmental Agreements

Where we would want to be in 5 years us will not

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Unformatted text preview: 60 (6 weeks) • Territorial waters / fishing rights UNCLOS III: 1973 to 1982 • Consensus vice majority vote • 160 Participating • in force 1994 (when rativied y the 60th nation) **Law must come from the US to the international community (US and states must be in compliance, we never pass aspirational laws – ie. Where we would want to be in 5 years) US will not allow ILAW to force change in Domestic Law o High Seas Treaty non- signatories: Eritrea, Israel , Peru, Syria, Timor- Leste, Turkey, USA, Uzbekistand, Venezuela (plus 9 landlocked) Signed but not ratified: Cambodia, El Salvador, Iran, DPRK, Libya, UAE )plus 8 landlocked) ** considered successful treaty • CFCs: The Problem • • • • o They were a good propellant...
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