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Climate Change and Transboundary Environmental Agreements

Flexible mechanisms joint implementation and the

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Unformatted text preview: for 2100 Most of the nations that will experience the most pressure are not rich. Dist. Of pain doesn’t match consumption and behavior patterns. It’s all about geography. Security challenges • Human security – not enough food • Social upheaval • Mass migration o o o o o o o o o 3 scenarios Expected Scenario: • 1.3 C by 2040 o 0.23 meter sea level rise o water scarcity affects 1.7 billion people o changes disease vectors/pollen species o Up to 3 million additional • Se??? • Severe Scenario: • Catastrophic Scenario: o 5.6 C by 2100 o 2.0 Meter sea level rise o water scarcity affects 3.2 billion people o Up to 120 mil additional at risk of crop failure o Aprrox 30% loss of coastal wetlands • What’s the Veto Co...
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