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Central Asia Water & Energy Systems

Us historically unwilling to take measures unless

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Unformatted text preview: goods for export! • 2 flexible mechanisms o clean development o joint implementation • How do you move the world to a lighter carbon footprint? • • Who’s the veto coalition? –these are the states who’s behavior could solve the problem. • • Glen Eagle’s dialogue – criticism: you can’t have the states you agree with the most and call it a day. • • “I used to believe in climate change until I found out how much it was going to cost” • • there is an argument that we don’t actually need the top 20 – we need a US /China Agreement. That would be enough to change the structure of trade. o US + China = 40% global GHG emissions o US: US has produced 1,150 billion tons carbon from fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution US structure of demand: 33% industry, <30% transportation, <40% in buildings. US hi...
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