Central Asia Water & Energy Systems

O kyoto obligation was 8 eu pledge is to reach 20 by

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Unformatted text preview: Hell no. unless Russia signed. o Kyoto Protocol – broken before it went into force Emission Targets for selected countries No one anticipated the huge global economic boom We end up near the end of the Kyoto protocol +34, we were aiming from +8. (in 2006, before crash) o Disproportionate effects to states who had not been biggest polluters o We still go to all the Kyoto meetings – want a seat at the table • Good News / Bad News o European Environment Agency: by 2010, EU 27 members had reduced emissions more that 17% since 1990. o Kyoto obligation was 8%. EU pledge is to reach 20% by 2020. o Emissions generated by EU goods and services consumed has increased >40% . o More goods that require high energy are imported! o Up to 1/3 of china’s carbon emissions result from producing...
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