International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law

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Unformatted text preview: tocol Protecting against Global Climate Change Congressional Research Service, Global Climate Change: Major Scientific and Policy Issues • Global Climate Change Science • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (opened in 1992 at Rio Summt) o Dernbach & Kakade, Climate Change Law: an intro Options for addressing climate change fall into 1 of 4 categories o Emissions control o Energy efficiency o Longterm carbon storage or carbon sequestration o Adaptation Protecting against loss of bio diversity Less plant species means less potential variety of crops Need to maintain a spectrum of bacteria • • Class notes: • *Final – how to take the body of law and apply it to a fact pattern o Reason why these topics, things have changed, the law is developing. o Get outline to her post – Thanksgiving. o Citations in body of paper is fine • Like human rights law, environmental i...
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