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If you are leveling a city taking out

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Unformatted text preview: at the time. You may not always know what is the civilian entity located near your target. To be criminally liable, you must be judge on what you knew at the time. But you need to only target military combatants. • there are many legal targets that you don’t take. Consider a palace or something, must balance collateral damage to your military goal. Any group could distinguish themselves, wear scarf or something, but a lot do not, and YOU still have obligation to minimize the collateral damage. If you are leveling a city, taking out water/electricilty. So, whole goal of jus in bello was to try to minimize the destruction to civlian popilations. Discriminate, distinction. • Chivalry o assassinations are treacherous killing. What is a treacherous or dishonorable way to kill s/o? – you are prohibited from killing in a dishonorable way. Spying is not prohibited, as...
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