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the Nuremberg Cases

Legal doctrines are less of dispute in front of icc

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Unformatted text preview: e POWs can’t be tried, but you can’t be tortured. Assuming torture counts as a war crime, you’d want to look at jurisdiction of courts. This court can try individuals for thes e4 crimes and does not need consent of indivuduals to do so. This was significant for development of ILAW. Legal doctrines are less of dispute in front of ICC judges. Going back to nicaagua case, we don’t have clear defin of aggression. We are relying on Nicaragua. Understandable why parties of Rome statute. complemtarity clause of Rome statute – in order to hold heads of state responsible, you would need to give certain amount of power to these. US not comfortable with this power giving. Pretty rigorous hierarchical status. A lot of checks to prosecuturs authority. In the court...
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