Case Studies (Caroline and Nicaragua)

O sending of money and weapons does not amount to

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Unformatted text preview: You also need launch capability. you can have the bomb and not be threatening (US to Canada), so must have intent to launch it at you. Hard for any state to know the intent of other states leaders. You need really good intelligence- what weapons they have, state of development, ready to use, and will they use them. • Israel – Osirik reactor. Security council found on the facts that Israel failed to meet caroline criteria • Nicaragua case – you can’t get past armed attack. o Reprisal – in response to unlawful act. This country invaded me, so I’m gonna go invade them. Pre- UN charter this was legal). Now considered illegal. o never to retaliate or punish. o your action must be proportional to the threat. o Gen Assembly, Definition of Aggression (art 1 and 3) – ex....
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