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Civil War and Laws

Deal with victims of international conflict and non

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Unformatted text preview: ving into niaraua. Law professors and legal scholars disagree with the court on georgraphic limitations? Concern is you want to contain conflict. Worried about things spilling over, the court wants it contained to where civil war actually taking place. The US should not hve gone and armed contras, they coulv’ve provided arms to El • Salvadorian govt. encourages pariah states to go in and pick a side. Also, they were limited in what they could do in el- salvador. You have right to self defence, to stop the attacks. You need to get at the root of it, might be a necessary requirement. But court disagrees with this. Must be limited in proportionality and geographic area!!!! Readings for today – o Sources of law related to armed conflict. Customary law and conventions. Customary law is binding on all nations, irrespective of whether you sign the treaty or not. Binding on everyone! Nuremburg charter. And protocal 1 and 2 – US not a signatory. Deal with victims of international conflict and non international conflict. Reagan admin- concerned that this protocal gives too many rights to terrorists. Geneva and hague – depending on who the individuals are they will be given certain protections. 1st category – armed combatants. Some say Only those in military capacities, but civilians can be morphed into combatants. Or “civilians engaged in hostilities” whether wearing official uniform, they are subject to...
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