Civil War and Laws

Colatteral damage in an of itself doesnt make it

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Unformatted text preview: attack at any time. About the limits on the weapons you can use against them. Dealing with how you are limited not in killing them but in weapons and tactics allowed to do so. Combatants yes, but rules say if sick you need to provide them medical attention. 3rd geneva convention – deals with POWs. being a soldier in and of itself is not a crime. As long as you behave in compliance. You are considered to be detained as honorable soldier. Forbids a lot of activies not just like torture, but provides them rights at prisioners. They can’t be used as labor force. You can have them do work, but hierarchical status aspect. Noncommissioned vs commissioned officers. Noncommissioned officers can used to supervise only, commissioned officers can not work at all or must be paid. Cannot be unhealthy or unneceesarily dangerous. if severly medically or physically impaired need to be repatriated to home state. At conclusion of armed conflict – all must be sent home. Can US indefinitely detain some combatants. Guantanamo bay. geneva convention doesn’t explicity say you have to release all – some can be detained if they are a continuing threat. geneva 4 - civilians. You can have internment – but they are to be given POW status protection of property – hague and Geneva call for protection of propert...
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