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Different subjects of international law

Disagreements over who would be in charge of forces

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Unformatted text preview: self defense. SC decisions are binding. So rarely authorize use of force. Hard for 5 to agree, each has veto authority. Stalemate could be good at times. Many people see this as a limitation. o Can recognize members as full states. If seeking statehood, could petition the UN for full statehood and membership of UN. o UN Gen Ass can pass a resolution – although not binding, they observe state practice and could indicate where customs are developing o Peacekeeping operations/ inspection teams • • • o In UN Charter – the intent was that the UN should have a standing army. Disagreements over who would be in charge of forces US didn’t want Soviets telling their soldiers what to do o How do you ask member states to contribute? UN has the authority to collect dues. Becomes...
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