Different subjects of international law

If a state has been reckless or negligent therefore

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Unformatted text preview: s, individuals o Right to recognize – recognition of other state is not a legal obligation, you could refuse to enter into relations with other states, but it is a right o The law of the sea/cyberspace/outer space o Group of people challenge the state, you may have duty to recognize* o Responsible for injuries of others, torts. If a state has been reckless or negligent, therefore held responsible for injuries inflicted illegally upon others. o Affirmative obligation to resolve disputes peacefully • Other actors in IR with respect to ILAW o International Organizations and NGOs (formed under ILaw by states or private groups) Bound by ILAW, duties created in ILAW, assessed by ILAW Ex. UN. 1945 created as IO • What can the UN do? o Security Council can authorize the use of force – in circumstances of...
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