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Different subjects of international law

O bound by norm of nonintervention cannot intervene

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Unformatted text preview: high level political debate. o Security council and Gen Ass can request advisory opinions from ICJ, you can’t ignore advisory opinions o Reparations Case – the UN has legal personality as far as ILaw goes. The UN wants to seek damages on behalf of UN and on behalf of his family. 1st question – does the UN have legal personality for bringing claims for itself? Ct. says – the UN can seek damages. The UN should have similar rights to states, it looks at language of UN Charter, looks at implied powers of the UN Charter. 2nd – UN bringing claims on behalf of victim even if state is not a UN matter – individuals has right to damages. Implied. • Legal rights of IO o Carry out its function. Authority to enter into international agreements. o Diplomatic immunity. The UN headquarters agreement gives it some dip immunity rights. o Bound by norm of nonintervention, cannot intervene in internal affairs of other states. Individuals as subjects of International Law o Legal status (rights and responsibilities) of individuals Right to be given notice of his right to seek redress , to contact consular States should protect own nationals when overseas La Gran case Duties...
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