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Since the us was at war with austria hungary in 1919

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Unformatted text preview: t’s (D) father, an American citizen, died intestate in New York. Techt (D) had married an AustroHungarian citizen and, under federal law at that time, had lost her United States citizenship as a result. Under New York law, Techt (D) could take property as inheritance if she were found to be an alien friend. When the court found that Tech (D) was an alien friend and that she could claim half the inheritance, her sister (P) appealed, claiming she was entitled to the whole property because Techt (D) was an alien enemy. Since the U.S. was at war with Austria- Hungary in 1919, the appeals court found Techt (D) was not an alien friend under the statute. Techt (D) then argued that under the terms of the Treaty of 1848 between...
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