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Treatment modes counselingpsychotherapy

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Unformatted text preview: frequency/ intensity Stop treatment/ try another type Modes of Treatment Modes Counseling/ Psychotherapy Focus on emotions, behaviors, impulses, relationships, family dynamics Professionals & trained paraprofessionals Pharmacotherapy Medical management of withdrawal Psychoactive medications (controversial) Counselor Characteristics Counselor Personal chemical problems resolved Helps clients find own inner resources Doesn’t protect clients from consequences of their own behavior Confrontation as needed, but with caring and concern Counseling Formats Counseling Team Approach: Several professionals from various specialties Family & Marital Therapy: family dysfunction/ systems approach Group Therapy: efficient, group support and modeling of behavior Assertiveness/ Social Skills: substance use refusal + coping skills 12-Step Self-Help Groups 12-Step Began with Alcoholics Anonymous: 1930s Mutual support to maintain sobriety Emphasis on disease model & abstinence Beginning of...
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