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Examples of external stressors are work relationship

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Unformatted text preview: amples of external stressors are work, relationship difficulties, financial problems, being to busy, and family and children. Physical and Cognitive Symptoms Physical: tension headaches, stomach aches, increase in blood pressure, chest pain, frequent colds. Cognitive: Memory problems, inability to concentrate, poor judgement, seeing only the negative, and constant worrying. Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms Emotional: moodiness, short tempered, inability to relax, sense of loneliness, feeling overwhelmed, and depression. Behavioral symptoms: eating more or less, sleeping too little or too much, procrastination, neglecting responsibilities, and nervous habits. Perception You are your worst enemy. Most stress depends upon how you percieve things. This is why some people are stressed about certain things while others are not. Learn to Manage Stress Stress is never out of your control To manage stress you must take charge Relaxation is key to coping with stress Use techniques like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing...
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