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University of Illinois Name (print) ___________________ Department of Name (signed) __________________ General Engineering I.D. (SSN) _____________________ Examination 2 SAMPLE Lab Section _____________________ GE 103 Eng. Graphics & Design Lab Instructor ___________________ DIRECTIONS True-False: Judge the truth or falsity of each statement. Multiple-Choice: Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or best answers the question. Recording answers to True-False and Multiple-Choice problems Transfer all these responses to the separately supplied Answer Sheet (penalty assessed if not done). Completely blacken-in the "bubble" space corresponding to the selections 1, 2 for the true-false and 1-10 for multiple-choice. Use pencil only . Erase all errors and stray marks on the Answer Sheet. Short-Answer: Put appropriate responses (text, values, marks, etc.) in the spaces provided in the exam booklet. Sketches: Make requested sketches in the exam booklet using the cues and space provided. Sketch to produce the quickest result that is reasonably accurate. Minor variations in shape proportions and angular characteristics and projector distances will be tolerated so long as expected conditions appear to be met and your intentions are clear. In this regard, show all layout- construction line work used in arriving at a solution, but clearly distinguish it from finished line work. Scratch Work: Scratch Work: Put all scratch work in this exam booklet. OTHER INFORMATION Test Conditions Closed book; no calculator use. Scoring: The points for each problem are indicated in each part, and your score will be based solely on the number of your correct answers. Particulars: Allotted time = 75 minutes; perfect score = 110; number of problems = 46 Terminology: Plane of Projection = View Plane = Picture Plane Sight line = line of projection *** DO NOT OPEN THIS BOOKLET UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO *** Possible Points Off Part 1: 40 Part 2: 20 Total Raw Converted Part 3: 50 Score Score TOTAL 110
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SampleExam2 - University of Illinois Department of General...

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