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Critical Listening

Critical Listening - Wet signal—processing delay chorus...

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Critical Listening The Ventures “Sleepwalk” Old School This is a dry guitar signal—no processing Dry Signal—no processing Dynamic Processing Compressors A compressor alters the dynamics or difference between low and high volume within an audio signal EQ Equalizers are frequency selective amplifiers that allows us to alter the frequency characteristics of a given sound Gate Control the amplitude of a signal with basically 2 states; open and closed
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Unformatted text preview: Wet signal—processing; delay, chorus, reverb Time Based Effect Processors Reverb These devices give the different room sizes by imitating acoustic reflection Delays Create distinct repetitions of a sound, essentially echoes. We can control the timing of the delays, and how many we want Flanging When 2 signals are played in sync, 1 signal is slowed down and then sped up “Swishing” or “Tunneling” sound...
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