Inferences on Two Populations

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Unformatted text preview: nt of Statistics G. means with a 95% confidence interval. of South Carolina; Slide 16 University Two Samples from Independent Populations An independent consumer group tested radial tires from two major brands to determine whether there was any difference in the average tread life (thousands of miles). The summary data is below: summary Brand n Sample mean Sample Stdev 1 15 52 4.61 2 15 57 4.83 Test the alternative hypothesis that Brand 1 and G. Baker, Department of Statistics G. Brand 2 mean lives are different. University of South Carolina; Slide 17 Which set of hypothesis tests Which the alternative that the mean tread lives are different? tread H0: B. H0: B. C. H0: D. H0: A. µ1 - µ2 < 0 µ1 - µ2 > 0 µ1 - µ2 = 0 µ1 - µ2 = 1 Ha: Ha: Ha: Ha: µ1 - µ2 > 0 µ1 - µ2 < 0 µ1 - µ2 = 0 µ1 - µ2 = 1 G. Baker, Department of Statistics G. University of South Carolina; Slide 18 If sp = 4.72, calculate the t 4.72, statistic. statistic. 2.5 B. 2.9 C. 3.0 D. 3.5 A. G. Baker, Department of Stati...
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