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________________________________________________________________________ Instructor: Gale Newbold, LCSW, MSW Office Location : FS1 in Education Phone : 407-679-0100 ext. 7745 Office Hours: Mon and Wed. 1100-1300 Email : [email protected] Available outside these hours: Contact me, Class Room : FS1 125A set an appointment or see the Receptionist Alternate Contacts: Beth Strudgeon 407-679-0100 ext. 4412 [email protected] Tatiana Quiroga 407-679-0100 ext. 1442 [email protected] Mission Statement To learn psychological aspects of human nature that has been proven to be the qualities necessary to succeed in the industry. You will get an opportunity to apply this knowledge in a self reflective and group experiential setting. What you can expect: To discuss class concepts, take notes during lecture and participate in class activities. Complete assignments and participate in group activities outside of class. How to be successful in class No more than fours hours out of class Complete all assignments Take good lecture notes Complete Study Guides Course Evaluation Measures: Midterm Exam 25 % Final Exam 25 % Presentation 25 % Professionalism 10 % Assignments 15 % Test Material: Test questions will be taken from the study guide based on lectures, slides, and assigned chapters from the Behavioral Science textbook. There may be one or more tests in a pop quiz format. Written Assignments: All written homework assignments should include name, instructor’s name, class time and date. These assignments should be grammatically correct in a readable format and spell checked. Assignments will be collected at the beginning of class on the date required and MUST be typed in hard copy (paper copies). Any assignment handwritten or turned in late will decrease professionalism points by 5 points . Emailed assignments will also earn the student a decrease in 5 GPS points. The exception to the typed requirement is Lab 1 or any assignment where a DVD may be more appropriate. Computers and printers are available in the Media Center. The Media Center is normally open M-Th, 8 am-1 am, Friday, 8 am- 9 pm, Sat and Sunday 9 am- 5 pm. The lab, FS3F. room 117, has some availability for computers and printers as well. If you want to submit assignments early, please submit to FS1, the Education Department, Monday-Friday, 8:30-5:30 and tell the Receptionist the name of your instructor. Please pick up all graded assignments and keep for your records in case of any grading discrepancies. 1 BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE SYLLABUS
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Policies: As discussed in Orientation, the following are Full Sail Policies that affect our classroom: Attendance If students appear after the 15 minute mark, they will be counted out for the 2 hours. You are allowed to miss a total of FOUR unexcused hours (10%) in Behavioral Science before failing the class. Attendance will be checked at the beginning of each class and then again Half way through the class. Additional attendance will be checked if necessary. If the absence is excused, (please refer to your student handbook) it is your responsibility to contact the
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15658_Syllabus - BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE SYLLABUS Instructor...

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