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test 1 chap1-3

test 1 chap1-3 - Chapter 1 1 Psychology the scientific...

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Chapter 1 1. Psychology- the scientific study of behavior and mind. 2. Distinguish a. Clinical- They are the ones in offices who write prescriptions for people suffering from mental disorders, they are called “Psychologists”. b. Applied- They use the research done by research to develop new ways to help people, not necessarily suffering from psychological problems. They are the people who may administer a new way of running a school program, so the children of the school are more productive. c. Research- They research drugs and other treatment for psychological problems, as well as run experiments to gain results, and formulate new ideas of how people operate. 3. You must understand that the body and mind both influence each other in a very important way. Without a body a mind is useless, and visa versa. Because the body and mind are related, there is such a thing as a reflex. “Mind” as psychologists call it today merely refers to mental activity, and “body” is everything except mental activity. 4. To adopt an Eclectic approach means to believe that every human is born with a tendency to see things one way. Basically it is nature vs. Nurture. It is on the more Nature side, although they do think this, that doesn’t mean that they think you learn nothing about how to look at things differently after they are born. 5. It is the biological war between Nature vs. Nurture. What do you think? I personally think it is a delicate mix. When you are born, you are an idiot. This means that Biologists don’t see a relationship between nature and nurture, where psychologists see it. 6. Psychologists believe it is a Nature via Nurture. Meaning that you arrive at what you learn post birth because of factors from pre birth. In addition to these beliefs, Psychologists see the Nature you encounter is part of your Nature. So because you are born into an Asian community, as a child you will be more exposed to numbers then if you were in a white community, therefore you will be better at math. The culture included in psychologists ideas are shared values, customs, and beliefs of a group or community.
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