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Digital Media-Lec7 - Digital Media Communication...

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Unformatted text preview: Digital Media Communication Telegraph1837 26 wires Samuel Morse got it down to 1 wire Morse Code Telephone1875 AG Bell Arpanet 4 university computers connected in Southwest U.S. in 1969 Government funded History of the Internet 1980s Domain Name System (DNS) i.e. = IP address 1991 WWW introduced at CERN First use of true Hypertext 1993 Mosaic browser HTTP Hypertext Transfer Protocol For publishing HTML sites Used on WWW One-way communication FTP File Transfer Protocol Online file sharing Two Way Communications 1995 NSF ends partnership of Internet Limitations of commercial use lifted Line Mediums Bandwidth: Frequency Range Throughput: Amount of data per second TPtwisted pair- 1 MHz BW 56 kbps Coax 10,000 MHz BW 10 Mbps Fiber 800 THz BW 20 Gbps Multimedia Images Graphics Bitmapped vs. Object Oriented Bitmapped Fixed at a resolustion AKA raster graphics TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG Anti-Aliasingsmoothes edges Object Oriented Drawn using math formulas...
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Digital Media-Lec7 - Digital Media Communication...

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