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Television-Lec5 - Television Sir William Crookes Negatively...

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Television Sir William Crookes Negatively charged electrode in a vacuum Basis of the CRT display Lee De Forest 1904—Audion Amplifies signals John Logie Baird Mechanical Television BBC 1929-1937 Philo T. Farnsworth 1927 1 st all electronic television picture Vladimir Zworykin & RCA Lost patent race against Farnsworth Pre WWII Experimental broadcast begin Expensive, few programs 1936—Berlin Olympics 1936 BBC Electronic Broadcasting 1939 Americans see TV for the first time Post War US boom 1945 Nine stations 1949 Ninety-Eight Stations Early Color FCC approves NTSC color standards 1960-1% of TV’s in US are Color 1966 NBC becomes the first all color network
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History of video tape Kinescope (--1955) Filming a program from video monitor 1956 NAB convention 1956—Quadruplex 1969—3/4” U-Matic 1975—Betamax 1976—VHS 1986—Beta SP 1996—Mini DV Cable TV 1948—Community Antenna TV (CATV) 1972—First to distribute pay channel HBO—Home Box Office Satellite TV 1957—Sputnik 1962—1 st telecommunication satellite PBS becomes 1 st network to use
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