Dec72007 - Reconstruction Dec. 7, 2007 White conservative...

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Reconstruction Dec. 7, 2007 White conservative dem. Govts came into power --- same states were called “redeemed” Sc, fl, la are key players in election of 76 Abolished property qual. Raised salary Made offices elective Redistricted legis. to fairly rep. back countries, etc -things during radical republican reconstruction Shifted tax burdened to rich Instituted public schooling Public works programs/ roads, etc Had to expand state bureaucracy State taxes and debt skyrocketed Underqualified ppl were running big govt Official end of recon. 1877 w/ settlement of election of 76 and withdrawl of fed. Troops and all  states redeemed Beginning of end—failed impeachment of Johnson-1868 North lost interest in south/ recon. Democrats in south were good at discrediting and underminding recon govt—claimed  corruption, wasteful spending Made it dangerous to be republican—white or black---voting was thus discouraged— eroded constituency of reps in south Corruption and scandal of grants administration—notherners turned against grant and 
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Dec72007 - Reconstruction Dec. 7, 2007 White conservative...

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