1 if p then q p q p q p q 2 p p tautology q therefore

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Unformatted text preview: password.” Therefore, 3. “You can log onto the network.” 1. “If p, then q.” p q ((p q) p) q 2. “p.” p Tautology q Therefore, 3. “q.” 4 Rules of inference p p q ((p q) p) q q Modus ponens Law of detachment 5 Rules of inference (example) Assume “if you go out tonight, you will come back late” and “you go out tonight” are true. Show the truth value of “you will come back late”. Solution: Determine individual propositions p: you go out tonight q: you will come back late Form the argument and truth value of the conclusion p p q q true true true 6 Rules of inference (example) Determine the following argument is valid or not. If 27196 is multiple of 17, then 27196+17 is multiple of 17. 27196 is multiple of 17. Therefore, 27196+17 is multiple of 17. Solution: Check if premises are true then the conclusion is true p: 27196 is multiple of 17 q: 27196+17 is multiple of 17 If p, then q. if true p. if true Therefore, q. true By modus ponens the argument is valid. 7 Rules of infer...
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